We have decided to setup a test servers on our different Mumble servers.
This means you'll have the chance to test our product before committing to a buy. We have created 3 slots on each of the servers, and set the voice quality to the same as when you buy a server. We give the possibility to use what Mumble has set as a max, this means 133.6 Kbit/s - We can lower this by requested of the user.Mumble banner
It's forbidden to use these servers for anything else then testing, abuse will result in ban. If you experince users taking up space and you are not able to join, please contact our support and we will help.

Connection information:
Location: Hostname: Port:
Sweden - Malmö mumble-se-mlm.kazi-networks.com     65001
Sweden - Stockholm mumble-se-sth.kazi-networks.com 65001
The Netherlands - Amsterdam          mumble-nl-am.kazi-networks.com 65001
United States - Florida mumble-us-fl.kazi-networks.com 65001
United States - North Carolina mumble-us-nc.kazi-networks.com 65001
United States - Texas mumble-us-tx.kazi-networks.com 65001


Saturday, March 1, 2014

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