How to setup Mumble.

Login with your admin name and the Admin Password at the admin panel to view server port and other settings.

Mumble can be downloaded from

To connect to your mumble server, use the below IP.

Server IPv4 and IPv6: 
Sweden, Malmö -
Sweden, Stockholm -
Netherland, Amsterdam -
United States, Los Angeles -

In order to see your Port number, please login to the admin panel and click the little blue planet in the top right corner, this will start up your mumble with all details entered. By right clicking the planet and choosing Copy Webaddress, you will also get the will path with IP and Port number needed to setup mumble manually.

Installation steps:
  1. Add the server with the provided IP, Port and Server Name, Username is what ever you like .
  2. Once connected, you will be prompet for the Server Password, also stated above.
  3. Once connected, click on the Menu: "Self", Choose "Register".
  4. Reconnect to the server.

Access as Superuser to create groups and divide access to registered users. ( keep in mind that the superuser it self, cant talk.)
  1. Login with your Admin Name and the Admin Password at the admin panel.
  2. Create the channels needed.

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