Setup Email in Outlook

Open Outlook and create a profile with what ever name you choose. 

Choose Manual setup or additional server types

Choose POP or IMAP

Next you have to choose either to use POP3 or IMAP,  We recommend using IMAP as this keeps emails and folder structure on the mail server, where POP3 keeps everything locally on your PC.

Fill in your Name, which will appear as sender and the email address your setting up, in this example we are using

Choose IMAP and fill in the incoming mail server with

in Outgoing mail server (SMTP) you need to use your ISP's outgoing mail server. This information should be available on their website or by googling your ISP's name and SMTP server (e.g. Telia SMTP server).

Username is your email address and password is the password you setup for the email.

Click  More Settings ... and go under Outgoing Server.
Here you will need to fill out the username and password your ISP has provided or leave the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication unticked, if they do not require any.

In most cases this is not required.

Click OK and Next 

After running a connection test, click Close and Finish

If you have any problems setting up your email, feel free to contact us at or by creating a ticket.

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